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Templated Auto Response Emails

Personalize your communication with customizable templates, ensuring consistent, professional messaging for booking confirmations.

Easy Scheduling of Courses

Effortlessly create and manage course schedules with our streamlined interface, reducing administrative workload and enabling optimal course planning.

Simple Booking Interface

Allow students to quickly and conveniently book their desired courses through a user-friendly interface, promoting a hassle-free registration experience.

Automated reminders

Keep your students informed and engaged with timely reminders for upcoming courses, reducing no-shows and fostering consistent attendance.

Class Attendance Reports

Gain insights into student participation with comprehensive reports, allowing data-driven decision-making for course improvements and resource allocation.

Student Records Portal

Provide students with a centralized, secure platform to access and manage their personal information, course history, and certifications, enhancing their learning journey.

The simplest way to schedule and take bookings.

Experience seamless course administration and enhanced student engagement through our user-friendly interface, designed to simplify your training management experience.

Simple pricing. Advanced features.

Choose from a variety of plans that cater to your specific needs, all offering scalable solutions, top-notch security, and seamless integration. .

Per Course Plan

Gain flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing tailored to each course, allowing for cost-effective scaling and adaptability.
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